I/ The system safety management and occupational health is based on the following philosophy:

  • All personal accidents are preventable.
  • Everyone has the responsibility to prevent accidents at their workplace.
  • To ensure the implementation of safety and avoid dangerous situations, the training is needed.
  • Workplace safety is advantageous for everyone.
  • For safety, there is a clear link between effort and results.

II/ Benefits of occupational health and safety management system are:

  1. Protecting employers from bad effects and accident of workplace, providing of comfortable and safety work environment.
  2. Increasing of employee motivation and attending of employee.
  3. Decreasing of work and work power losing because of work accident and occupational diseases, increasing of work productivity and expenses are decreased.
  4. Taking with preventions in work environment, providing of operation safety with removing of fire, explosion, out of machines etc. which can give dangers for company.
  5. Increasing of work performance.
  6. Providing of advantages against rivals.
  7. Determining of sensitive about organization occupational safety, in front of formal places.

The OHSAS 18001 model

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The set of OHSAS 18000 standards consists of 2 standards:

  • OHSAS 18001: Occupational health & Safety management system – Requirements
  • OHSAS 18002: Occupational health & Safety management system –An implementation guide.